RAV Vast - B Celtic minor + draagtas + beschermolie
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RAV Vast 2 steel tongue drum with 2mm Steel tuned in B Celtic minor, B2 F#3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 A4 including Handpanbag & protection oil



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About: This is a truly revolutionary instrument in a family of metal tuned percussion. Due to special patented technology there's up to 6 harmonics tuned on each tongue. On a central note of drum there's 7 harmonics tuned. It's possible to separate those harmonics and extend the range of the instrument to full 2 octaves of the scale. Imagine 9 bells tuned to the scale and on each of them all the partials are tuned as well! That's how we would describe the sound of this instrument.

It's fine tuned instrument which can be played by beginners and by professional musicians. It can be used for the stage performances, studio recordings and for healing sound sessions as well. A variety of musical scales is offered to you, allowing you to choose your favorite tuning.

  • Material: 1.5 - 2 mm steel (depends of tuning)
  • Cover: thin hydrophobic covering, requires periodic wiping
  • Weight: 4.9 - 5.9 kg like handpans
  • Size: 51 cm, height: 17 cm
  • Colour is blue-green

History: Designed to spread his passion and love to other musicians around the globe, Andrey Remyannikov invented a whole new kind of instrument ... the RAV. He first selected the finest steel to work with, then he devoted months to simply pulling the richest sound possible out of the steel. He then selected the most beautiful scales to tune his instruments to, and from there RAV Drums was created. The first RAV steel tongue drum was created in the spring of 2013, and took the world by storm. People loved the RAV. It was the first steel tongue drum to possess a total of four partials per tongue. Multiple different styles of finishes were tested during this time. Varying from paint all the way to nickel, but as time went on it was decided that a raw sounded best for the RAV. Currently Andrey only sells non-coated models of his instruments, although some coated models can be found lurking around the world.

Inspired by the size of Handpans, Andrey decided to dabble into the realm of larger instruments. From these experementations, he created what is known as the RAV Vast. A larger eight tone instrument with a deeper chamber in order to allow for greater resonance of the tones created by the tongues. Yet again he had revolutionized the world of steel tongue drums. The word "Tongue Pan" arose as a result of his creation of the RAV Vast. The word being used to resemble the nature of Handpans, and relates their multi-partial properties to the Vast. Later he decided to make a version of the RAV Vast with thicker steel. This was to help create a fuller sound from the instrument without any amplification required.

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